two buttons on the inside of my mouth

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two buttons on the inside of my mouth

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I just had an ortho appointment and totally on track!
I am on tray 45 of 63 (yes, poor me - that's a lot) and she gave me 8 more aligners (for me, that's only 40 days since I change every 5 days) and told me that I may not need the rest and that we can move right into the refinement stage.
I am very compliant and wear the aligners and elastics 22+ hours/day.
So far, pretty easy, but today she put these two buttons on the inner, top left back teeth and wow, my tongue is starting to rub or rather tear at my tongue.
Does your tongue eventually get used to this?
Not too pleasant, but I guess no pain, no gain.

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Re: two buttons on the inside of my mouth

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I get used to mine most of the time but sometimes, especially after putting a new tray in for some reason, the tongue will cut again and for a day or two it will be noticeable. I have them on most of my upper teeth and 4 on the bottom, so lots of attachments for the tongue and inside of lips to hit.

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