Unhappy after Invisalign treatment

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Unhappy after Invisalign treatment

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I spent about 2 years in Invisalign treatment. Prior to Invisalign, I spent 6 months wearing a carriere device that did not do anything. The Invisalign definitely shifted my teeth for the better but the front teeth (which had been the most crooked) were still not perfectly aligned when my orthodontist said my treatment was complete. Then, instead of being given a retainer (one worth $600 was promised in my contract), I was simply asked to wear my last aligner for 8 hours every night.

Of course, this allowed the front teeth to shift even more out of alignment. I told the orthodontist that I was unhappy and that I wanted another refinement. The orthodontist was annoyed and initially said that I would be charged for it because I was over my estimated treatment time of 12 months. However, the treatment prescription itself was long than this and once I pointed that out, he agreed to do it, though instead of doing the refinement himself (he is a top 1% provider), he had a different orthodontist in the practice do it (one that is not top 1% or even elite). That refinement only further misaligned my front two teeth and pushed them together in such a way that the crowding in the front two teeth is beginning to reemerge.

I have an appointment to go back to the orthodontist to discuss these concerns, but at this point, I have been with the practice for so long that they are ready to get rid of me. I am certain that they will not fix these problems without charging me more, but I believe they shouldn't charge me anything because the problems only exist because of their negligence (failing to give me a proper retainer the first time around, then switching my treatment to a different ortho without my consent, not to mention never involving me in my treatment plan as they said they would.)

Advice or thoughts on how I should approach this?

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Re: Unhappy after Invisalign treatment

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So sorry to hear about your story, they sound awful!

Can someone help?

I've always assumed that we can keep refining until we are happy with results....

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