Bite problem? Do i need braces?

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Bite problem? Do i need braces?

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Hello im new to this forum. Going to the point, i used braces from 10 to 12 years old. Im 26 now. Being honest my dentist and orthodontist were really bad. They didn't even told me i needed retainers. Last year i had an impacted lower right wisdown tooth that i removed. Now i have don't have any wisdown tooth left,after that i started to pay more attention to my teeth. I always felt that the orthodontist did a bad job but i don't remember how my teeth were back then. Now when i close my mouth it seens that my bite goes to the left. I understand that no one is symmetrical and we have one dominant side. But still it seens that the lower right part of the bottom of my mouth goes more inward than the left. Even the left massater muscle has alot more strenght, i need to really press on my right side to have the same strenght, my teeth look straight but the i feel that only the teeth of the left side are comfortable. My two lower front teeth overlap, with the right one going inward and the left one going outward. And sorry for my english. I wanted to post pictures but i cant find a way too. Also this is my second post. The first one was in a wrong category i think.

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Re: Bite problem? Do i need braces?

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Sounds like a cross bite. But if your teeth are straight only the bite is off, then your problem may not be dental, but skeletal which might require surgery to fix. But surgery may be too invasive if yours is just a borderline case. Have you consulted an ortho about this?

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