What to do if you think your tray was made improperly and the office is closed for the next 5 days?

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What to do if you think your tray was made improperly and the office is closed for the next 5 days?

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Hi all! This is my first time posting, so please bear with me. I'm a 39-year-old female (39 as of today -- it's my birthday!) and just got clear aligners a little over a month ago, after having braces back when I was 16. I had a tendency to grind and clench at night, which broke my retainer and caused some shifting to my top teeth. After years of putting up with it, I decided to get those rogue teeth fixed. I'm basically doing Invisalign Expresss...but not actually that brand. My ortho estimated I'd need between 3 and 8 top aligners, each one re-activated at the 2-week halfway point.

When I first came in, my right central incisor was extending past the left, but not crossing over it; just sticking out. Then, the left lateral incisor was a bit rotated, but was essentially even with the front left incisor. The first aligner -- and it's subsequent adjustment / reactivation -- worked wonders. My central incisors were nice and even and I was amazed at how quickly that did the trick. I knew we weren't done, of course, but if I could have stopped there, I would have, because everything looked so much better.

Then I got my second tray, along with a bottom one, which I decided to do after I initially just wanted to do the top. The second tray felt fine when I left the office, but later that day, as it relaxed a bit, felt off, and I kept feeling puffs of air escaping at the gumline near the left central incisor. I looked, and sure enough, there was a gap there at the top of the tooth and the gumline, whereas the rest of the aligner was sitting flush to the gumline of the other teeth. I went back in 2 days later and they confirmed that it was trimmed too short and that I'd need a new one. Then, I overheard the ortho tell the assistant that the base of my plaster model was "too tall" and it was made wrong. I didn't think much of that comment and when I came back in for my re-made tray, it was considerably tight, but then again, the new ones usually are. This was on Tuesday. Yesterday, I started to notice that my LEFT central incisor, which had been even with the right one that was pushed backwards, is now EXTENDING PAST the right one and the lateral incisor, which is just to the left of that, is starting to slide behind the central incisor. This just seems very off to me, particularly because the first tray seemed to do everything as expected. Plus -- the fact that there was something wrong with my plaster model and that was the model used to make the new tray -- makes me really nervous. I'm afraid that that this new tray is moving things in the wrong places because it was essentially constructed wrong. I called my ortho yesterday to just express my concern and see if this is what should be happening, but he never called me back. Today their office is closed. They're closed over the weekend, AND Monday is a holiday, so I won't get any resolution until Tuesday of next week.

I guess my question is this: Do I keep wearing tray 2.1 and try back on Tuesday even though my gut is telling me something is wrong? Or do I go back to tray 2.0, which was the one that was trimmed too short, but feels totally different (it's not putting pressure on the front left tooth to move forward like the revised on is)? OR...do I go back to my very first tray? I have no idea what to do and am absolutely beside myself with worry, since I feel like I'm undoing all my progress by simply being compliant. Please help before I worry myself to death!

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