Tray snug fit feeling gone in day 3

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Tray snug fit feeling gone in day 3

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Today is the day 3 of my tray, and the feeling of the snug fit is gone, except the back of my teeth always made me feel I can't close my mouth properly.

I am not sure whether that means my teeth has moved or I have been too rough with my tray when taking in and out.

I have quite a severe inner overlapped tooth at the bottom, and I found it difficult to take it out properly unless I 'pull' the tray out a bit- but I am not sure whether that would destroy the shape of the tray.

(1) Is there any way to tell whether I have 'damaged' my tray accidentally? I feel it's very easy to bend it as it's just platic
(2) Does anyone has tip how to remove the tray more easily when there are awkward tooth like severe overlap tooth? (see picture).

Thank you
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