Surgery and invisaliagn?

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Surgery and invisaliagn?

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I was just wondering, can you have invisalign while you are waiting for orthognatic surgery? One doctor in my town offered treatment invisalign + surgery while other doctor said that insalign can only be used for minor problems.

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Re: Surgery and invisaliagn?

#2 Post by Beemur »

I personally don't have experience with the surgery part, but my orthodontist once said to me that any orthodontist who says Invisalign can only help small problems is a doctor who doesn't have enough experience with invisalign. A dentist told me there was no way in hell that I was a candidate for Invisalign because I have severe crowding upper and lower, crossbite and class III malocclusion. Then I went to my orthodontist and he said there would be no problem at all treating me with Invisalign and now I'm almost 3 months in and have seen so much change it's ridiculous. I think if that orthodontist who is offering invisalign has good experience then it would be totally achievable :)

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Re: Surgery and invisaliagn?

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There are definitely orthodontists working with Invisalign to complete jaw surgery cases. The more difficult part is finding a surgeon that will be comfortable with some of the different nuances involved in completing the surgical fixation and stabilizing the bite without braces on. The best thing to do is discuss this with your orthodontist and see if they have a surgeon that they can work with for such a procedure. Good luck!
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