Off dental midline from invisalign

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Off dental midline from invisalign

#1 Post by kat419 »

I'm on my 14/24 trays on my invisalign!
I had a tooth extraction on my lower front tooth to speed up the process but I did not take into consideration what the consequences would be! My upper jaw teeth have also been moved to the left to straighten crooked teeth. It is 3-4mm off the centre and it's really bugging me! Is there a treatment option without it being too expensive???
Making me really anxious and self conscious!

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Re: Off dental midline from invisalign

#2 Post by FraggleRock »

I have the opposite scenario. I had some orthodontic work done as a teenager and extractions only on one side in order to bring down some extremely high incisors, consequently my midline is off by about 3mm, however I'd never really noticed before! Due to me telling my poor dentist what treatment I was prepared and was not prepared to have when I was 16 (no fixed braces and minimal extractions - obviously regret that now as a wonky toothed 44 year old :( ) my teeth were never fully straightened. One of the concerns of my current ortho is that he doesn't make the offset any worse and he hopes to improve it. This means that I need to have IPR to make room on the other side. A slight offset isn't ideal, but as long as your bite is fine and your teeth are straight, I bet that the only person who would notice is you. Is it possible that it will be rectified anyway by the end of your treatment? I am only three trays into my treatment, so I have come here to learn!

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