Last ortho appointment - recommendations? *with pictures*

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Last ortho appointment - recommendations? *with pictures*

#1 Post by embracingmyteeth »

Hi everyone,

It's been nearly two years and I'm almost done with my Invisalign treatment. I'm getting my final refinements this week - mainly to close up some small gaps with the back teeth. My orthodontist asked me if there was anything I would like to change, particularly with my front teeth.

I've uploaded some pictures of how my teeth look right now here: What does everyone think about my teeth/bite? Under the pictures with flash, they look great. However, under no flash (first couple pictures), I feel like they don't look as straight, but maybe it's just the lighting.

I already asked my ortho to use IPR close up some really small "black triangles" in between a couple of the front teeth and he said he'll try his best.

I also asked my dentist and the only feedback he had was my left canine (right side in the pictures) is too long.

Any feedback on how I can make my teeth look better or improve my bite (if possible) would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Last ortho appointment - recommendations? *with pictures*

#2 Post by Jeska0113 »

Personally, i think they look great ! :)

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Re: Last ortho appointment - recommendations? *with pictures*

#3 Post by FlyByNight »

I would see if they could smooth the top front teeth out. I personally like the look of them a bit flatter. Another thing is ipr should do the trick on your lateral incisors. Other than that, I think it looks great.

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