Hello, new here and need help please?

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Hello, new here and need help please?

#1 Post by lnapes »

Hi everyone, I got my Invisalign 3 days ago. I also have 19 attachments - I need to correct severe crowding and a crossbite. My attachments are very noticeable and are on all of my front teeth at the top. One of them even has 2 attachments. I will have 28 trays for top and the same for the bottom.

I am really struggling with sores in my mouth from the Invisalign rubbing and also lots of ulcers. I will stick this out but I am pretty fed up. My mouth just hurts so much, I am constantly thirsty and my lips are so dry. I also have a very bad lisp with them - please someone tell me this will go??! If so, when?! Also, when will the ulcers go? I know my mouth just needs to get used to the trays but....ouch! I am using Corsadyl mouthwash and Bonjela on them.

Sorry for the pity post but in need help!!

Thankyou :)

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Re: Hello, new here and need help please?

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It will get better. Give it some time and you will feel awkward without the aligners on and when the attachments come off. Your mouth needs some time to get used to the new things in your mouth. Stick with it. You won't be sorry :).
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Re: Hello, new here and need help please?

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I had the EXACT same issue with the attachments rubbing an ulcer. I am totally with you on that. It was torture to even speak. I have I believe 8 attachments as well. As miserable as the pain can be PLEASE stay positive! :) It's soooooo worth it in the end I promise!!!! I am on tray 18 of 24 and the difference is incredible. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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