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Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Decisions decisions

#1 Post by Smileop »

Good Afternoon,

New to the board and looking to get what most people are here for as well. A beautiful worthy smile

A little background I'm 24 with relatively straight teeth but has really affected my self confidence. Just have a minor gap between my two front teeth and 2 pushed slightly back up top and very minor crowding on the bottom. Figured it's going to drive me nuts until I get it fixed and would take the plunge now. Better sooner than later right?

So the 3 options I looked into were Braces, Invisalign, as well as the Inman aligner due to it primarily being my front teeth that have the issues. I went to a few different consultations and came up with a few different options.

Option 1 was braces. Was told either regular metal or ceramic on top with the metal on the bottom. Went to 2 different orthos where one had stated about 6-8 months treatment time and the other about 10 months to a year. Both had the same options available with relatively the same price.

Option 2 was Invisalign. Was told I was a good candidate for it and was explained the process. I am aware of the attachments and would probably be my biggest turn off from it. Ortho told me a rough treatment time between 6-9 months and that they change slingers every week now which is new. Major concern like I said would be the attachments and since my front teeth are the main concern I fear I'll end up with attachments on those teeth. Price was quoted about $1000 more than braces

Option 3 was the Inman and was told it's possible but would advise against it due to it focusing strictly on the front 4 teeth and unable to do both arches at the same time.

Ultimately I want the work done. I'm nervous about how they will look and am already a little self conscience to begin with so nervous about how each would look. While my case isn't very extreme I'm nervous about the results being what I can imagine. Also tough not knowing which teeth attachments will be bonded to for Invisalign as well and how they will look. I've heard and read many mixed emotions. All in all I want to do it for me and figure do it now for a lifetime of smiles. Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Re: Decisions decisions

#2 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Congrats on getting ready to take the plunge! Many of our patients are concerned about the anterior attachments before they get started. Having treated over 1000+ Invisalign patients, I can tell you that most of our patients blow that out of proportion relative to what others actually see. After actually getting the attachments, our patients tell us the only people that notice them are other Invisalign providers or others that are wearing/have worn Invisalign. If you act like there is nothing on your teeth and own it, you'll be surprised how discreet this treatment is. Keep us posted!
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Re: Decisions decisions

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Metal braces are probably your best bet. Just put them in and forget about them. There's no forgetting to put them back in after meals or dropping them in a really gross place while they're out for what ever reason.

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