25-Started Invisalign with Acceldent

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25-Started Invisalign with Acceldent

#1 Post by bestofsmiles »

:BigGrin: So after years of planning to get braces I finally did it. I chose to Invisalign and I will be using it in conjunction with Acceledent. My estimates treatmeant time is 8-9 months so I'm planning for a year. Here is how I plan to have a successful treatment period:

1. Wear my aligners 20-22 hours per day. My real goal is to wear them for 22 hours a day. I have slotted myself 2 hours out of the day to eat and brush after eating. So 30 min for breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively. And another 30 for snacks during the day.
2. Starting my stopwatch when I take my aligners out and documenting how long they were out.
3. Keeping a log of how long I have my aligners out and at the end of the day adding the total time that my aligners were in.

I'll make a post later about my first day with Invisalign. I am so excited to be doing this for myself. :)

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Re: 25-Started Invisalign with Acceldent

#2 Post by beachit13 »

Good luck! If your ortho didn't recommend this, use your Acceledent at night when you won't be taking your aligners out for a solid 8 hours. I think that really helped me blast through my treatment faster. :)

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Re: 25-Started Invisalign with Acceldent

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Sounds like you have a great routine planned! Keep us posted!
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Re: 25-Started Invisalign with Acceldent

#4 Post by gooslumps12 »

If you don't mind me asking, hat made you go with invisilalign over metal braces?

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