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My storage solution.

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:17 pm
by Amysown1
I want to include a picture, but I don't think I have permission yet to post pics. However, I wanted to share my portable storage solution that I love. It seals water tight so won't leak in your bag. I also have an insulated lunch bag to keep them from warping in the heat of the car. I never let my aligners dry out so I always rinse and then soak them in my little box whenever I remove them. 50%peroxide/50%water if I'm home or just water if I'm on the go. The box is made by Sistema and it's a cube shape, 13.5oz/400ml. It is BPA free.

Re: My storage solution.

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:32 pm
by PinkPeep
That is a great idea you have to prevent warping in the car! I also use peroxide and water to soak my aligners. I find it works well and they stay very clear. It is unfortunate that this forum does not seem to have much traffic. Good luck with your journey!