Questions about trays

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Questions about trays

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Hello all, new here.

I have a question about invisalign trays... When you guys get towards the end of treatment and teeth are supposed to be straight, do your trays sit "flat" on a flat surface? :crazy: Kinda hard to explain so let me give some background. I had braces in high school for an open bite, my teeth are straight for the most part but my bite has opened back up after years of no retainer. My problem seems to be with my top teeth, I don't think my bottom teeth have moved much because I can still wear my retainer from braces. My bottom teeth are straight and even, and when I sit my first invisalign tray down on a flat surface it doesn't wobble and the teeth look square if that makes sense. They only gave me 6 of 30 aligners so I pulled out the 6th tray to compare to my first one and my bottom tray is wobbly on a flat surface and it looks like they have pushed down one side and pulled up the other. I'm concerned that this will close my bite but make me have a slanted/tilted tooth line. Im going to call my ortho and see if I can discuss it with him but just wondering if anyone else had gone in with semi straight teeth and had aligners doing seemingly weird or unnecessary movement to teeth. I wish I could include a picture!

Ps im on aligner 1 of 30 with 20 attachments across all of my front teeth!! I change to aligner 2 this week so I'm a total newbie to this, I had braces for 3 years over 10 years ago. I miss not being able to eat all the time :ThumbsDown: but so far it's been a good experience.

Thanks all!

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