Double jaw surgery in Canada!?

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Double jaw surgery in Canada!?

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Hi guys, my name is Andrea and im 27 years old. I had braces in Mexico for over 6 years and I moved to Calgary and I told my dentist to take it off because I didn't have any dentist in Calgary and my treatment wasn't finished now I regretted. Now I have asymmetrical facial, overgrown jaw,mild overbite, crossbite.I went to see a surgeon in Calgary, I have no idea what to expect, good thing mine is for health and Alberta Health Care covers. However, he will charge $9,000 for a double jaw surgery. So anybody knows a good surgeon in Calgary or part of Canada and what was your experience? Whats the normal cost for a double jaw? What was the price?
Is it good age to have surgery? Ive read bad and good experience so would love to hear from you guys.

I don't know how expensive it can be for jaw surgery I don't have any insurance. I am an student now and well its going to be hard for me I want to make my jaw and teeth better.

Tell me your experience, what kind of problem did you have?
How long did it take you to recover the surgery?
Does your face change a lot? nose?
Was it covered?

Thanks, it would be great to hear your experience doesn't have to be from Calgary!

Peace and love :heart:

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