Does invisalign hurt as much as the clear retainer?

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Does invisalign hurt as much as the clear retainer?

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So I had an expander on for a month and got it off today. The orthos asdistant made me a temporary clear invisalign like retainer to keep my expansion stable while I wait for my aligners to come in. I don't know why but I wasn't expecting this thing to be so tight! I have been eating things I dont have to ice cream, applesauce, small bits of bread... I only took the retainer out once to eat a banana and it took me 20 minutes to get off, it hurt but doable. However, even with orajel it hurt SO bad to put back on and also took a considerable amount of time. I was told it will get better. I was also told invisalign is thinner than this thing is. I know part of it is the raw gums and the loosened teeth so hopefully as things heal and stabilize things get easier.

But for crying out loud please tell me the invisalign trays remove easier than this thing!

I don't want to feel like I have made a horrible mistake!

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