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Hi I am new!

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 3:18 am
by golcarlilly
Hi everyone,

Just found this site on my quest for support from other Invisalign wearers!! I have 35 top aligners and 58 bottom so am in it for the long haul!! my teeth are very crowded at the bottom, I have a deep bite and I have one tooth which is blocked out behind my top ones on the right, I also have a really narrow smile so a big challenge for invisalign!! I am 46 years old and had a dental phobia which meant I didn't visit a dentist for over 20 years but I have finally decided I want a nice smile so here I am !!

I started on my second set of trays last Friday and had my attachments put on then also (17 in total including one on each of my front teeth!!) I am not coping too badly all things considered, my main problem is a very dry mouth all the time, I am constantly sipping water but to no avail! hoping this will improve over time! I didn't have any pain with my first trays, just a lot of pressure in the first week but I do have a couple of really tender teeth now and it hurts to take out my top tray! Also am feeling self conscious now as the front buttons are really visible!

Re: Hi I am new!

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 3:12 pm
by Amysown1
I'm only on tray two, but I have found that the dry mouth issue is made better by simply keeping my mouth closed and just breathing through my nose. At work I have to talk a lot so I keep a bottle of Biotene Dry Mouth spray close. Sugar-free Altoids help some. I get attachment next week (14) and I'm dreading it. Good to hear that you are adjusting well to them.