The feelimg of plastic

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The feelimg of plastic

#1 Post by nhyn »

It's my first day. I still can't believe I have no attachments. I have no pain (yet) and the pressure doesn't bother me. The only thing that does is this overwhelming feeling of plastic in my mouth. I have almost no lisp but it really does feel like you're holding something in your mouth...Will this feelin eventually go away?

Also I have 38 trays but I change it every week, not every 2 weeks (using Acceledent). They said there can be refinements later since the estimate treatment time is 15-18 months (38 trays would be 9 months). Hopefully it will turn out that way!!

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Re: The feelimg of plastic

#2 Post by jupiter »

I got my first tray on saturday! I got all my attachments and I even got IPR on 5 teeth!! THe plastic is soooo annoying, i tend to file it every time i take them out because my tongue and cheeks are very cut!
I'm noticing as the days go on the trays are getting easier to take out, i have attachment on all my top front teeth, and the two front ones are the ones i had trouble getting my actual invisalign off with, i literally had to get the toothpick side of a floss stick to push it out.

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Re: The feelimg of plastic

#3 Post by lilyflower »

Over time you do get used to the plastic feeling and having it in - believe it or not or me after almost 4 months, it seems "natural"

Regarding sharp edges: you're going to notice them more at the beginning because it's something foreign in your mouth. You can either file off the offending edge yourself with a nail file or have your ortho smooth it out. I had a real problem with a sharp edge on the bottom front (lip side) of my first set (where I started to develop a sore), had it smoothed, then had that same spot on the next few trays smoothed. I forgot to have it done after that but haven't had a problem and haven't had to pull out a file in at least three sets.

To get out aligners- especially with a LOT of attachments - it helps to have a little bit of a nail, first, but also work from the INSIDE if you find that it's just stuck. Be careful with using something like a toothpick just so you don't stab yourself in the gum with the end.
The problems:
Lower crowding, a slightly rotated upper canine and a deep bite

Invisalign G5 started Oct 12, 2015
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Re: The feelimg of plastic

#4 Post by nhyn »

Good to know I wasn't the only one aware of the plastic feeling! After almost a month, I've found that when the tray first goes in and is tight, I actually don't notice the plastic much, but after a few days when the tray fits better, I really do notice the feeling of plastic still. It doesn't drive me crazy like it used to, but I look forward to not noticing it at all in a few months!

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Re: The feelimg of plastic

#5 Post by voceans »

I'm currently experiencing this. I find myself hyper-conscious of it. The pressure on my teeth is kind of annoying, but the sensation of having something constantly in my mouth is more bothersome. I can't wait until it's less noticeable.

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Re: The feelimg of plastic

#6 Post by Braces2016 »

I had the same feeling the first few days now it's been 1 week ans my speech and the taste feel a lot better.

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Re: The feelimg of plastic

#7 Post by CincyBraces »

I'm 37 & had braces for 4yrs as a kid. I had every imaginable torture tool (headgear, expanders, elastics, etc...) so I expect I'll have a higher pain tolerance than most. (I got used to all that stuff eventually.) I just got my aligners yesterday. I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything! Work, news, TV, etc...all are secondary to this damn plastic feeling in my mouth. These trays don't HURT, but I can't get my mind off them. Can some of you who posted in the past advise on how long it took until you didn't really care about the plastic anymore?

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