Lost/Broken attachments, emergency or not?

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Lost/Broken attachments, emergency or not?

#1 Post by Yondy »

Hi guys,

I recently started invisalign about a week and a half ago, and still on my first tray. During the first week, one of my attachments (I have a total of 17) fell off, I called in my orthodontist and was immediately sent in to get the lost attachment replaced, leading me to think this is probably an urgent issue. Now, onto this week, another attachment came off, I called in my doctor and was told to go back in about 2 weeks time to replace it as lost attachments are not an emergency issue.

I'm a bit confused here, is lost attachments an emergency or not? I'm about to move onto my second aligners tomorrow with the missing attachment, anyone have an idea or went through a similar experience know if this will affect my treatment? (prolong it, etc.)


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Re: Lost/Broken attachments, emergency or not?

#2 Post by EWUgal15 »

I don't have Invisalign, so I'm by no means educated or an expert. I think that missing an attachment is an emergency if the attachment was used to hold elastics or was crucial in achieving a particular kind of movement. Trust your orthodontist though. If they think you can wait two weeks, you're likely ok. If they don't have the whole story though (like the attachment is a hook for elastics), they can't give you the most accurate information. I hope that helps!

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Re: Lost/Broken attachments, emergency or not?

#3 Post by ItsFreyja »

To be sure, some attachments are more important than others. You did the right thing to call the office right away each time though. When you next go in, ask the ortho directly what you should do if you lose another one.

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Re: Lost/Broken attachments, emergency or not?

#4 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Some attachments are there for actively moving the teeth. Others are there for passively anchoring other units of teeth.

Generally, the attachments are important, if planned properly by your doctor.

There are times towards the end of the sets of aligners when most of the movements have been achieved, making the attachments less important. Best to speak to your doctor to see if they should be replaced. Good luck!
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Re: Lost/Broken attachments, emergency or not?

#5 Post by lilyflower »

Always call your ortho - while attachments are important they're not always an "emergency" as it really depends on what attachment you lose and where you are with your treatment. ie, there's certain attachments that are mostly "anchorage" to keep the aligner in. If you lose one of these (like I did) you can wait a little while to have it replaced. If it's one that's actively moving something then, yes, it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

I have 21 total - lost three within my first 24 hours and had them replaced the next day. Then weeks later I lost an anchorage one on my rear first molar and like you was told I could wait. Upside to having an attachment replaced is that's never as bad as getting all of them on at the first time - replacing one is a quick simple thing. Getting on all 21 sucked in so many ways mainly due to time, cheek retractors and multiple attempts.
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Re: Lost/Broken attachments, emergency or not?

#6 Post by americanabroad »

I've had two fall off, but my orthodontist said it would be all right so haven't had them replaced (maybe he's just overly cautious in placing more than necessary....?).

My understanding is that with correct bonding, attachments falling off should be rare, so hopefully this doesn't happen too often.

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