Will Invisalign fix overbite?

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Will Invisalign fix overbite?

#1 Post by QuestionInMyMind »

So, I'm planning on raising the topic on my next appointment with the ortho, but I wanted to know others thoughts about this.

So, I didn't really discuss overbite with the ortho when I was getting the Invisalign. We were speaking mostly of just straightening teeth and he didn't mention this other topic either. I didn't think to bring it up because it wasn't a big deal to me, I had a type of crossbite I think it's called (when some teeth are in front of others and others behind, right?) So obviously I thought my problem was simply related to straightening, and any slight overbite I have wasn't a big deal.

Well, that kinda changed after having to remove 4 pre-molar teeth to solve over-crowding. It's been 2 and some months since I had my teeth removed and started the Invisalign. Well, I Have a reallyyyy deep overbite now. My top teeth now completely cover my bottom instead of just slightly. And my bottom teeth touch the gum behind my top teeth. I was kinda just assuming this was because of my lack of teeth currently, and that it will stop once things get more in place, but I'm not so sure. And to top it off, my face looks different as well. I have a weak chin to begin with, and it seems that with this newe deep overbite and lack of teeth, my face looks really saggy around my mouth and cheeks. I didn't look like that before. I'm hoping against hope that the Invisalign is gonna correct this deep overbite that has been made, and hopefully help with my face as well...

I'm obviously gonna ask when I next go, though I'm a little scared of them saying "nope, we just straigten teeth, you're gonna be stuck with that severe overbite at the end."

Also, extra question.. is the Ortho supposed to show you a graphic of what your finished teeth are supposed to look like? I was a shown a moving graphic of someone else's case when I was being sold on the Invisalign. But after paying and starting, I wasn't shown what mine is supposed to end up as...

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Re: Will Invisalign fix overbite?

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I don't have my Invisalign yet (I'm getting it next week), but I do have a deep overbite so I thought I would let you know what various orthodontists have told me about overbites and Invisalign. Yes, Invisalign can fix overbites. They use little attachments that go on your teeth, and then will also use rubber bands to help bring the jaws together.

But from what I understand not all orthodontists are comfortable doing these things. Several orthos that I saw told me I was not a candidate for Invisalign, but the one that I eventually chose said I was and explained all the stuff about attachments and rubber bands. I would definitely find out if your ortho is planning on doing those things.

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Re: Will Invisalign fix overbite?

#3 Post by DrJasonKTam »

It is going to sound like semantics, but the question should be "Did my orthodontist plan the Invisalign to correct my overbite?". In the right hands, many different treatments can be completed with Invisalign. That being said, your results will differ depending on the doctor that plans your treatment.

The use of Invisalign tends to deepen many bites. Removing teeth also depeens many bites. However, when planned properly, the bite can be opened up with Invisalign and removal of teeth.

Another note is that the ClinCheck video is not a simulation of how your teeth will look. It is a simulation of the stages of aligners. The difference is that if the video makes the teeth look perfect, then chances are they will not end up that way. The analogy is that sometimes you need to bend a paper clip past straight to get it straight. Our patients have access to their ClinChecks in their online accounts but we tell them that it is not a representation of their final result.

Best to speak to your doctor to have he/she answer your concerns. Good luck!
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Re: Will Invisalign fix overbite?

#4 Post by lilyflower »

Interestingly enough, I was more concerned about my lower crowding but it was my ortho who was concerned about the deep bite that resulted from that. So that was always part of her plan to fix it. I have the virtual bite ramps and a lot of arch widening built into my plan. I'm four months in and already I can see the crowding and bit starting to improve. So definitely make sure you discuss with your ortho.

Also while I know some people do Invisalign through a general dentist I don't think it's a good idea if you're doing anything more than a cosmetic fix that's straightforward. Sure, some general dentists may be able to use Invisalign successfully on a more complex case but not all. Many of the general dentists who I consulted with who were trained would even attempt Invisalign on me because of the amount of crowding and deep bite I started with. My ortho look one look and told me I'd be an excellent candidate because she knew what the latest advances were and how to treat deep bites with Invisalign.
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Re: Will Invisalign fix overbite?

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Invisalign can fix overbites, crossbites etc, providing your provider is experienced in using it to fix these problems.

Extraction orthodontics (particularly removing premolars) has around a 50% chance of causing facial structural collapse, and should only be done at an absolute last resort. Space can be made by widening the arch and doing some IPR. Please read up about extraction orthodontics, it is reversible but the treatment is expensive.

This video describes a girls experience -

One dentist recommended I have 4 teeth out to correct my overbite, yet another is completing treatment effectively with very noninvasive techniques and more importantly without pulling out healthy teeth. I would seek several different opinions if I was you. Good luck!

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