Lost 2 Attachments..

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Lost 2 Attachments..

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Hi, new to this forum. :)

So, I started Invisalign a month ago. And despite the super painful and hard first week, I got through it and it seems to be going fine. I'm now on my third tray. I have quite a lot of attachments throughout my mouth. I have two on each of my four canine/pointy teeth, and a lot on my back molars as well. Well, the other day I noticed that I think one is missing off my bottom canine, and this morning, I noticed one missing from my top canine. So now, those teeth only have 1 attachment instead of 2.

I'm wondering if this is gonna make a big problem for the movement of my teeth in the next few weeks? Is this an emergency that I should go to the ortho to get put back on? I'm going back to the ortho in the first week of January to get more trays and consult with them about issues, I'd like to just wait and tell them at that appointment but I'm wondering if this is gonna majorly screw something up in the next like 2-3 weeks? Or will I be fine because there are still an attachment on those teeth?

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Re: Lost 2 Attachments..

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Congrats on getting started with the attachments.

The only person who can tell you if the attachments are needed will be the doctor who has planned your treatment. Some of them are required for actively engaging a tooth for movement while others are used as anchors to support the movement of other teeth.

At certain stages, the attachment may not have any function, and would not need to be replaced, but as you are near the beginning of the treatment, it is best to speak to your doctor to discuss. Good luck!
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