6 Month Smiles - 9 Months In... Concerns [Help]

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6 Month Smiles - 9 Months In... Concerns [Help]

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Hi Guys,

I'm 9 months into 6 month smiles, there have been some great improvements, but the process has been slow and most months my teeth get worse and I feel I go backwards, then some months we get close to good, but the results seem to be come undone on my next visit. I have my routine tightening yesterday and in order to improve my bite I have been given very strange elastics.

I wanted some professional opinions on how this is going and if the current setup they have put on my teeth is normal?

My braces were due to come off in September 2015, every time I visit they have extended the removal date. It has now been moved to April 2016 for removal, which if happens will be 13 months of treatment.

Hoping to get some advice and guidance and reassurance here!

I am including pictures of day 1 of treatment, 9 months into treatment (when i was happy with results), and also my current situation where things have started to go backwards again. :(

Day 1 - http://imgur.com/oxMdpWE
9 Months Treatment - http://imgur.com/ofmEQWK
Today - - http://imgur.com/O9hJ2DI

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