Massive Gap In-between Tooth and Tray

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Massive Gap In-between Tooth and Tray

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I started my Invisalign treatment on 07/11/14 with the idea being that I would finish my treatment around 6/26/15. I, at the time, had rubberbands for an overbite and 9 attachments (later becoming 11). About November I noticed that one of my front teeth had an unusually large gap between the tray and the tooth that only seemed to get larger as the treatment went on. Finally my dentist realized that the tooth wasn't rotating correctly and started to basically grind the contacts. This didn't seem to help (even they did it for three appointments in a row), so finally they had to do a Mid-Course Correction around March/April that extended my treatment to 01/01/16. I lost the rubberbands and all of my other teeth seemed to be tracking fine.

Around September 2015 (after I moved states and still was driving back 3 hrs to see the same dentist) I noticed that the same tooth was doing the same thing. I mentioned it to my dentist that I was concerned that it was having problems again, and she just seemed to blow me off. The gap has now increased to the point that the distance between the tray and the tooth is around 2cm and is very obvious that it is nowhere near the tooth (its very visible now). The last time I went in (October 23rd), they looked at it, said that the attachment was still where it needed to be and that the reason that it wasn't tracking correctly was because of the way that the tooth below it is shaped and it is causing a bite problem. Note: I haven't had problems with my trays in. Now that I am on tray 16 out of 19 with the last three being "correction" trays with my next appointment on Dec.4, I'm super concerned that I am going to finish the treatment with a tooth that is not lined up correctly.

I am really not sure if I should go to another dentist/orthodontist that is my town to have them do a second opinion or if I should just "trust" the dentist I currently am going through.

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