Dealing with Invisalign blahs

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Dealing with Invisalign blahs

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I realized today that I've been doing Invisalign for 29 months now (!!) and I'm getting sick of it all. I've gone through a total of 49 aligners (1 refinement) with 13 more to go but my teeth have decided they refuse to move. I think that's what lead me to my state of blah having absolutely nothing happen. Its fine when things are moving but now I'm in the hole. Anyone else out there that has any tips to get through this blah period?? I've become a frequent visitor at the ortho office and he keeps dimpling the set I'm in and nothing continues to happen. At this point I am totally willing to get braces (well almost)

Any suggestions on survival techniques??

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One thing that might help. Go find a picture of yourself before you started Invisalign. At least you'll know its all been for something.
2 year Invisalign patient graduated to ceramics to finish up treatment

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