Teeth reverting back DURING Invisalign treatment?

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Teeth reverting back DURING Invisalign treatment?

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I'm on my 2nd course of Invisalign. The main goal of this round of treatment was to fix my edge to edge bite. I have 30 tray and for the first 15, everything seemed to be moving according to plan with my bottom front teeth moving behind my top front teeth.

But now I'm on tray 20 and my bite is once again edge to edge. It's like I'm back to square one again!

Has anyone heard of this ever happening? I saw my ortho at tray 15 and she said everything looked great.

I guess I have to see her again, but I'm not even sure how she will be able to explain it.

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Re: Teeth reverting back DURING Invisalign treatment?

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The only person who would know how your teeth are supposed to move is the person who came up with the plan for the tooth movements with Invisalign- i.e. your orthodontist. If you have any questions about how your teeth are moving or where they are supposed to go, it is best to set up a visit to discuss this with your doctor. Good luck!
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Re: Teeth reverting back DURING Invisalign treatment?

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My ortho mentioned today as she placed my 21 (yes, 21!) attachments that if trays aren't worn enough that the attachments eventually work against what's being desired and teeth move back and recently had a patient had to have to drop back three trays for this reason.

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