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New to Invisalign

#1 Post by DoctoraBella »

Hi everyone. Just got into tray 3, and had my attachments placed. My orthodontist ordered all my trays with precision cuts (elastic hooks) even tho he has no immediate plans to use them!? I also have 11 attachments. My question is, why would he order them this way? It makes my top tray very pokey and snaggy and makes the whole thing much less comfortable than it would be, and all for a hook I may never use. I have 28 trays. I am so disappointed! He said I can cut or file them but what a pain! Can I ask him to reorder them? I wish he would've asked my opinion!

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Re: New to Invisalign

#2 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Sorry to hear how you feel about the hooks and cuts.

It is kind of like braces. Many braces have hooks on them even though they are not all used. However, if they are needed, then it would be a lot of work and less accurate to have to cut each aligner for you.

We do a lot of Invisalign treatment and we will use the hooks and cuts at different times during the treatment, but they will be on each aligner because we may start or stop them at a given stage depending on where we are in the treatment.

Hope that helps!
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Re: New to Invisalign

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I'm assuming they're going to be used eventually? Did you ask when?

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