Is tooth extraction compulsory for putting braces?

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Is tooth extraction compulsory for putting braces?

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Hi all! I’m 20 years old and lives in Calgary. My upper front teeth are little protruded and there is a gap between teeth. So I’m planning to get invisalign invisible braces from Sierra Dental Clinic in Calgary. I made an appointment with the dentist for next week. Tooth extraction was a nightmare for me when I was small and I think I didn’t get over it till now. As there are gaps between my teeth will there be any need of tooth extraction before putting braces?

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Re: Is tooth extraction compulsory for putting braces?

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What did your ortho say? I had to get 5 or mine extracted, one more teeth becuse the canine was my baby tooth but since I had the surgery for it my new canine gew so technically I got 4 or my teeth extacted. I only had to get them extracted because I have a deep overbite and there wasn't enough space in my teeth. I did have a gap between my teeth which was pretty noticable, but I still had to get my teeth extracted. I think it depends how severe your bite but I'm not sure. Do you have an overjet or an overbite?

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Re: Is tooth extraction compulsory for putting braces?

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Tooth extraction is common for orthodontic treatment, but each situation will be different. Sometimes removal is because of severe crowding, but other times teeth are removed to correct midlines or excessively full profiles. Be wary of committing to extraction treatment using Invisalign with an inexperienced dentist or orthodontist. Moving teeth in a translation vs tipping manner is not considered a simple movement.

Remember that Invisalign is a technique, not a product. Your results will differ depending on the doctor's plan. Good luck!
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Re: Is tooth extraction compulsory for putting braces?

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Will shaving the tooth's enamel make it more sensitive?

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