So...what's the deal with Clearstep?

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So...what's the deal with Clearstep?

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I've been looking into getting braces for a while and today I went to an orthodontist who I didn't know used any type of clear aligners. He recommended I'd get Clearstep and I said I wanted to go ahead with it because I've been looking into getting these type of aligners and was pleasantly surprised when I found out he uses them and that it's a good option for me. He said it would probably take 8-10 aligners to receive the fairly minor result we're after.

So when I came home and started looking up experiences with Clearstep I couldn't find any - and once I ended up here I learned Clearstep had gone into administration back in 2013.

The place I went to seems fairly popular, it's an established business so I really don't think there's a chance I've stumbled upon a shady business that's trying to rob my money - I didn't even pay anything this visit and I'm supposed to be paying half of the treatment when my aligners arrive (early August). Also I find it very hard to believe that my orthodontist wouldn't have heard of Clearstep going bust considering it's been two years.

So - what's going on? Is Clearstep back? Is there a new company with the same name? I'm getting worried.

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