Cycling & endurance sports fuel

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Cycling & endurance sports fuel

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So it's finally getting consistently nice outside in my neck of the woods! It's about time to take out the bicycle for day long rides again. The last two years I've trained up to do a full two day double century (100mi x 2 days). It's intense and exhilarating, especially crossing the state line on your bicycle. Long distance cycling requires a lot of eating to fuel yourself every few hours or with nibbles along the way from your pockets. I love Honey Stingers, they're similar to Cliff Shot Bloks but better. :)

I didn't sign up for the big ride this year since it gave my knee trouble last year. But I want to ride anyway!

But then I remembered the dang Invisalign. :( how am I going to keep up with eating? Or drinking fluids on the bike? On my distance rides hands get filthy, every bit of sweaty exposed skin is coated in road grime and at best there's Purell and napkins. Heck I used the port-a-potty with gloves on and just washed my finger tips outside the gloves. It was too hot and my hands too swollen to get them off and on. I definitely don't want to take my aligners off in that situation!! My favorite electrolyte drink is at least sugar free with minimal coloring, not like Gatorade. But to eat protein bars and nuts and stingers, I can't really full up brush and floss (or haul these around on a bike)! Maybe dry brush and swish with water? I really don't want to get more cavities. :|

Does anyone here do any cycling with Invisalign? I suspect marathon training would be similar, no room for gear just a few gu packs and a drink bottle. I'm super lost :Questions:

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Re: Cycling & endurance sports fuel

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Maybe you could ask your orthodontist for some advice next time you visit? It might just be fine if you take them out for a bit. As long as you make sure to wear them every other day you're supposed to then it might be fine. Definitely ask your ortho though! Good luck :)

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