Wisdom teeth erupting after braces are off

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Wisdom teeth erupting after braces are off

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My wisdom teeth on the top started erupting about a month ago. I got my braces off on Monday and have a bonded retainer on the top and bottom as well as an upper clear one. The clear retainer has the shape of my wisdom teeth as they were on Monday however they aren't fully erupted. One is growing crooked but the other is straight. I don't go back until 8 weeks to see my orthodontist.

Do you think my retainer will stop fitting? Or is it preventing my wisdom teeth from erupting properly? I only have to wear the clear retainer at night. Is there any chance my orthodontist could offer complementary Invisalign etc to straighten the wisdom tooth? I just hate the fact that I had to rush (well not really had them for 2 yrs and 8 months) to get them off near the end of my treatment. But now I have wonkey wisdom teeth, what's the point of that?
My lower ones haven't erupted yet but the orthodontist said he is just going to observe or something?

Edit: I will add that my straight wisdom tooth hurts when the retainer is on. I feel like the retainer might slightly be pushing it in :FeelSick:

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Re: Wisdom teeth erupting after braces are off

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Hi Weezy. I was doing some searches and came across your post. How did you get on with your wisdom teeth in the end?
I still have all 4 in my gums (I'm 31) and am terrified they'll come down and make my teeth crooked as soon as my braces are off.

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