Jumping sides soon!

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Jumping sides soon!

#1 Post by SkizzyD »

Hi all,

I've asked my ortho at my last adjustment the other day about moving into invisalign. (Currently 14 months into traditional braces). I know the extra cost will be killer but I'm so over traditional braces, everything about them! I think I will be a lot happier with invisalign especially considering I'm probably only about halfway through treatment at 14 months. Another 14 months+ with a mouthful of metal and wire is not appealing at all.

My ortho said to remind him at my next adjustment because he just wants to fix my bite a bit further with the traditional braces I have at the moment.

Any advice? Thoughts?

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Re: Jumping sides soon!

#2 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Just make sure your orthodontist is experienced with Invisalign and is able to use the appliance properly to complete the treatment of your teeth. Check out torontobraces.ca for a whole host of information on what to expect with Invisalign. Good luck!
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Re: Jumping sides soon!

#3 Post by adult braces »

Invisalign is so much better...you can eat whatever you want for starters!

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Re: Jumping sides soon!

#4 Post by Bengals1418 »

If I could go back, I would pick invisalign braces because its more convenient.

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Re: Jumping sides soon!

#5 Post by BracesU »

[quote="SkizzyD"]Any advice? Thoughts?[/quote]

Well, from a convenience standpoint, Invisalign is a great way to go. There is less maintenance involved, looks better and is not nearly as cumbersome as traditional metal braces. It really boils down to cost vs. benefit for you. If you have the extra money and want more convenience, go Invisalign, no question.


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Re: Jumping sides soon!

#6 Post by Trickycoolj »

Almost done with 3 of 35 and honestly I wish I would have given brackets serious thought. Mostly because I'm a snacker and an advid coffee drinker and a beer snob. Love having Friday/Saturday movie nights or binge watch sessions with a few local craft brews. Now I have to chug it with my dinner and there's no time to enjoy the beer with the movie. Same with coffee no random trips to Starbucks without planning how to wash my hands with soap and taking out my trays which still 6 weeks in requires a mirror to negotiate the tray around my attachments without breaking them off (lost 2 in the first two weeks).

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