Need help making decision

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Need help making decision

#1 Post by dpanych »

Here's my scenario, I have an open bite and trying to fix it with Invisalign. I have narrowed down my search to two doctors.
Doctor A:
-Specialize in orthodontics
-Price $5400 (talked them down from $6050)
-They use iTero scanner for digital impression
-They are more popular and have %1 elite status on Invisalign website
-During consultation the main doctor had a brief visit with me and went back to the patient room and I talked to the business/financial advisor mainly
-They make their own retainers (heard the quality wasn't the greatest)

Doctor B:
-Is general dentist office + plus authorized Invisalign specialist
-Rating on Invisalign is the lowest (this is based on the number of cases they did)
-Price $5350 (originally $7500 but after $1000 cyber Monday discount and %15 off if paid in full, $5350)
-They use mold impressions (no digital iTera scan)
-During consultation the doctor actually explained to me how teeth will be straightened and bite will be closed, showed me clin check software from Invisalign of a case and how it progressed; he seemed to care more about my case than Doctor A.
-They include 4 pair of Vivera Invisalign retainers I am not sure which office to go with. Is the mold impression as accurate as digital? I need some opinions.

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Re: Need help making decision

#2 Post by touchofhiddencharm »

Not sure how the new system for molds work but the traditional way has been working for years. The ortho i chose is very prestigious but with that, he is gone a lot on conferences and getting new systems with Dr. Oz and is not as sensitive or caring of my case as he was when i first started treatment. It would help to go with who feels more comfortable to you. The nice office and awards the dentist has wont matter if he isnt very caring for your teeth as an individual. Also, I think it's cool that your second option is actually a general dentist office. It is pretty annoying having to go to two different people for my teeth. As much as you see your ortho, i think it will be nice to get your cleanings and stuff done there too since he knows the state of your teeth. :) Pick whoever you think will give you the best results and the best experience.

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Re: Need help making decision

#3 Post by arciedee »

Doctor A all the way. The iTero scans produce MUCH better fitting aligners than those created from the physical molds (I speak from experience). And the fact that he has so much experience, not only in Invisalign but in orthodontics... you want a specialist, not someone who dabbles in Invisalign on the side. I'm not saying your general dentist isn't skilled and proficient at what he does, but the orthodontic process isn't something he lives and breathes day in and day out and it isn't something he's spent years studying.

While it's too bad that the ortho didn't explain things to you as clearly, it sounds similar to my experience. The general dentist I saw sat there and explained things. The orthodontist was much brisker and left the orthodontic coordinator to explain the finances and the plan. In the end, though, the ortho's plan was far more comprehensive and was more focused on ensuring a proper final bite rather than simply focusing on aesthetics. The first consult generally just gives you a sketch, but after you get records done you will have a more comprehensive consult where you should have the opportunity to discuss the plan in more depth with the orthodontist.

The only thing that would give me pause is the in-house retainers. If they are already using iTero, I don't understand why they aren't also doing Vivera retainers. I've had retainers made in a lab and they aren't the most elegant in the world. But... I would have that conversation with them again and see what their rationale is. Ultimately, both retainers will work. I wouldn't let that be your deciding factor.

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Re: Need help making decision

#4 Post by bmueller »

You should be seeing the orthodontist. The orthodontist has gone to extra years of schooling specializing in fixing difficult cases, especially jaw or bite discrepancies. Technologies change quickly and by the time you reach the end of the treatment, they may be using better retainers. You can always bring it up toward the end of treatment if it's that big of a concern.

My ortho does their own retainers but would be willing to do viveria if requested.

Open bites are difficult to treat and even more difficult to retain. As I've learned, there is a 70% relapse rate. You might want to ask a little more about their plan for retention so you can maintain your beautiful smile once complete.

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Re: Need help making decision

#5 Post by steven »

According to me doctor A is better then Doctor B because doctor A uses itero scan which is much better then mold impressions.

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