Gap in teeth when aligners are removed

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Gap in teeth when aligners are removed

#1 Post by brandnwname » Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:57 am

I've had Invisalign for a little over a year now and the sizable gap between my front teeth has finally closed. The first time the gap was fully closed was on aligner set 26. I am partially finished with set 27, and only have 1 more set before I am finished with my initial set of aligners. What is concerning me is that anytime I take my aligners out, my front teeth move apart and a small gap is formed. I know a little movement is expected as they have not had the opportunity to fully set in place, but it doesn't matter how long I have them out, there is always a small gap. Could be just the length of time it takes me to brush my teeth. At the beginning of my treatment, my orthodontist had be get a frenectomy and I am starting to wonder if maybe not enough tissue was removed and don't really want to go through that again.

Anyone else have this experience? Did your teeth finally stop moving or what was needed to correct this issue?



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Re: Gap in teeth when aligners are removed

#2 Post by arciedee » Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:59 am

I have gaps between my lateral incisors and canines that resulted from my first phase of treatment (I had Carriere distalizers to correct a class II bite) that have gradually been closing throughout treatment. One of them appears gone when I wear my aligners, but when I take them out it's obvious that it's not totally closed yet. Is that what's happening with you or is it that when you take the aligner out the teeth are together, but within a few minutes the gap opens up again?

If it's the first case, I would guess that you'll need some further refinements to fully close the gap, but if it's the second I'm thinking it may be a retention issue. My ortho advised me upfront that I'll be having to wear retainers full-time for at least a few months after I finish up with my aligners before shifting to nighttime-only wear to allow my teeth to settle in place and reduce that short-term shifting.

I'm no orthodontist, but those are my thoughts!

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