Can you use efferdent power clean crystals

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Can you use efferdent power clean crystals

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Can i use the Efferdent Power Clean Crystals to clean my invisilign braces. Has anyone used this ? I have not used this but even though I brush with antibacterial soap the odor is still there. I brush and floss three times a day too. :!:

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Re: Can you use efferdent power clean crystals

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No, it is NOT a good idea. Efferdent is a denture cleaner, not a retainer cleaner. It will eventually yellow your retainer.
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Re: Can you use efferdent power clean crystals

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I have done this but I don't do it everyday.

I know this is not recommended but since I am changing the trays every two weeks, I don't think it is a big deal.

I certainly won't do this when I am done with Invisalign and I start with retainers because I will have to keep my retainer for much longer than two weeks. (yes, I know that was a run-on sentence)

I brush my trays with water and liquid soap to clean them. I only do the Efferdent about every three days. I soak them while I have breakfast.

Also, I use the regular Efferdent...not the power clean one if that makes any difference.

I have no issues with odor at all.
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Re: Can you use efferdent power clean crystals

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I use these, and I don't have any problems with yellowing of the trays. They're still very clear, no cloudiness or yellowing, at the end of 2 weeks. I soak the aligners in the crystal solution in the morning while I eat breakfast and clean my teeth, then rinse them off and brush them in water before putting them back in. The rest of the day I just soak the aligners in water whenever I take them out to eat and give them a brushing under running water.

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