Acceledent ok for bone loss?

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Acceledent ok for bone loss?

#1 Post by montygrace »

I have 42 aligners and even before I knew it'd be this long in treatment, I was interested in using acceledent. The two things that put me off are:

1. The cost. Something like $2,000 on top of the $7,200 I already paid!
2. The fact I've got some bone loss, which is quite substantial on the bottom front teeth area, and a bit on the upper right side area, and have had periodontal treatment.

Has anyone used this system with any kind of periodontal issues? I would think that it may speed up the movement TOO much for the health and stability of my teeth.

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Re: Acceledent ok for bone loss?

#2 Post by freysmiles »

The biology of what occurs with Acceledent is generally reparative, so it will help maintain good periodontal health (with normal hygiene practices).

We use Acceledent on all our adult patients and have used it on a handful of patients with osteoporosis and bone loss. The response I have seen in those patients was fantastic.
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Re: Acceledent ok for bone loss?

#3 Post by retroRedhead »

can you say more about the patients with osteoporosis? that sounds reassuring. i'm in my mid-40s and had some tricky bone problems (osteoblasts in feet, surgery, grew back) and osteoporosis of the pelvis. i thought acceledent would be one extreme or the other, either be wonderful or contraindicated.

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