Invisalign attachments? Overall experience?

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Re: Invisalign attachments? Overall experience?

#16 Post by lilyflower »

Chelsey wrote:I had been Invisalign and it worked very quickly. The orthodontist expected about 12 months, but it only took 5 months. It all depends on your problem, your mouth, and your teeth. Also your dedication.
Wow, wish I was THAT lucky... although I am tracking and it seems that the biggest concern (getting a canine to rotate) is actually happening.
The problems:
Lower crowding, a slightly rotated upper canine and a deep bite

Invisalign G5 started Oct 12, 2015
Attachments: 21
Total number of trays: 28 upper, 38 lower
Estimated treatment time: 18 months
Follow my progress ... =9&t=49130

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Re: Invisalign attachments? Overall experience?

#17 Post by Braces2016 »

I don't actually have my attachments on but I am getting 21 attachments on, it means on most of my teeth and elastics.

As I saw my coin heck I didn't think that I would be getting so much attachments.

I am getting my attachments in 12 April with ipr and my elastics

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Re: Invisalign attachments? Overall experience?

#18 Post by golcarlilly »

I have 17 attachments including one on each of my front teeth, they make taking the trays out a bit uncomfortable and I look like I have square bubbles on my teeth - very noticeable IMHO but they aren't as bad as I feared, chewing is a new challenge but four days in and I am getting used to it! my teeth are very crooked so I expected I would have a lot and when I saw them at my clin check it confirmed it!

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Re: Invisalign attachments? Overall experience?

#19 Post by kbracedm »

I expected to have some and I'm glad I only have twelve and none on my two front teeth. I don't mind though I want to get the best results possible. I don't plan on doing this again. I don't know how anyone who has braces could let their teeth get crooked again. I lost one attachment the first night, so it takes me take my time with eating Bc I'm so paranoid one will come off again. Day 6 and they're all hanging in there. Getting them off is easier now too which is great. :)

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