My experience don't get Invisilign

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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My experience don't get Invisilign

#1 Post by ivonne »

Hi everyone please note that everyone is different but I do hope to enlighten anyone who wants about my experience.
It wasn't me it was my best friend who got invisilign and I saw her results which were just "okay"..
some rotations and making her teeth look "presentable"
I decided go for metals (linguals!) although they are linguals they are still metal and are much more
stronger and do the same as regulars.

I can tell you the huge difference in movement, teeth and facial changes overall..
AGAIN facial changes.
Teeth do change your face because they support along with your jaws the face and bones.
The more perfect and balanced the more beautiful your facial structure will be.
in contrast just look at people with no teeth? the face changes dramatically and again after they put them on!
so you want to have not only "white presentable aligned teeth" (what's visible) but also
the entire friend had a slight overbite but it was "livable" and really not a big thing..
my friend was more concerned about her one crooked teeth.. of course her ortho recommended Invisilign because they are expensive
and she went for it.
If she had wanted better results then you focus on those crooked teeth AND rotating/aligning until things are as
perfect as you can have, why not?

People think teeth are just teeth and they only care about "crooked" ones they don't understand the impact that changes can have
in fixing all the other details regulars can...

Good ortho work can lift up your cheeks!.. widen your mouth for a more gorgeous and wider smile..
its hard to explain but I do know that although invisilign can fix some teeth
if you have even a slighlthy other problem (even if you can live with it) why not go all they way
and make yourself more beautiful?

I also had a customer who said she had Invisilign and urged me (before I had my braces) to please not get them because
they moved again after a while and she ended up getting regulars an paying 7k again..
I ended up getting linguals
the most dramatic thing after having "straight" teeth is that my smile is wider or something
but I do know I recently posted pictures and even my other friend who said she had one crooked teeth and mine were just okay back then
now sees a huge difference in me.. a good one
I get so many compliments on my "smile" now I also have a slightly open where you can see the teeth
sort of like Megan Fox LOL of course not like her! but you know
how sometimes the mouth is slightly closed but you can see the teeth?
a lot of models have that.. I didn't have that before and now I love that in me..

Anyhow that's my experience with braces and the things I've seen with Invisilign...
just make sure to research and see a lot of Orthos before you spend the money and make a decision.

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Re: My experience don't get Invisilign

#2 Post by Pandac »

Thanks for the info!

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Re: My experience don't get Invisilign

#3 Post by Nozzelnut »

Thanks for the write up. I'm currently researching my next step in treatment. I'm leaning away from invisalign more and more.

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Re: My experience don't get Invisilign

#4 Post by DrJasonKTam »

This is one account of one's experience with Invisalign and it is valuable to be shared.

However, it is important to understand that Invisalign is not treating patients. It is the doctor that plans the treatment and is responsible for the tooth movements that will get you to the desired result. Unfortunately, much of the general public feels that Invisalign treatment is the same everywhere.

The same should be said for braces. There are definitely accounts of people who would warn you not to get braces because of their experience. However, there are millions of satisfied orthodontic patients every year.

One factor to consider is that the number of orthodontists who are experts at braces is much higher than the number in Invisalign at this time since most doctors have much more experience with fixed braces. Rest assured there are doctors out there that can produce excellent results using Invisalign. You have to do your research and remember that Invisalign is a technique, not a product.
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Re: My experience don't get Invisilign

#5 Post by CatLadyAlice »

I'd like to echo the previous poster; it's important to remember that Invisalign is a product and the skill of your dentist will determine how well it works for you. It isn't the same everywhere, so it's important to pick an experienced provider.

Also, teeth shift back regardless of whether you had Invisalign or traditional braces. You must always wear a retainer.

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Re: My experience don't get Invisilign

#6 Post by freysmiles »

The result you get with Invisalign/Lingual Braces/Labial Braces is all about the doctor and not about the appliance. Orthodontics is a biologic process and your teeth and bone don't know the difference.

The main difference is that the amount of skill, knowledge, and planning required to treat a patient with Invisalign is much more substantial than with any kind of braces. With Invisalign your orthodontist needs to design the quality and speed of tooth movement as well as their final positions; to do so they must account for the biologic response and numerous other factors in advance. This can be challenging for some doctors (especially those with less experience), which leads to cutting corners to make the treatment easier and the result less ideal (which you have experienced in your friends' treatment).

The facial changes you speak of are universal to all esthetic orthodontic treatment and not in any way unique to one appliance. The bottom line is you need to choose the right doctor.
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