Ice Drops with Invisalign

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Ice Drops with Invisalign

#1 Post by hannahxx »

Does anyone know if it's okay to use Ice Drops with Invisalign? I'll include a link if you're not sure what they are. Basically they're a liquid breath freshener in drop form. They're sugar free but do have blue colouring in them, however you only need 1 drop for it to be super minty and strong.

I have an obsession with having a minty mouth and usually chew gum but since starting invisalign I haven't been able to do that. I love Ice Drops so it would be good if this is an okay alternative.

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Re: Ice Drops with Invisalign

#2 Post by kittenpoint »

I can't say for sure but since it's only one drop on your tongue it probably wouldn't discolor anything. I haven't used Ice Drops in a long while but I don't remember my tongue ever turning blue from it. You could always try it once and see.

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Re: Ice Drops with Invisalign

#3 Post by saramwms »

I'm not sure of the answer but could the alcohol in them cause a problem with the trays?

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