HELP! Just finished... not wearing night-time retainer?

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HELP! Just finished... not wearing night-time retainer?

#1 Post by AOEE » Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:12 pm

Very mild case, ~6months, just rotated 2 top middle teeth.

I shouldn't have worn my bottom trays, because they ended up giving me gum recession (due to jaw bone resorption, I think because the Dr. pushed my bottom middle 2 teeth backwards in my mouth a bit so my top could land on them better, probably stressed their attachment to the jaw bone), creating a black triangle b/w my 2 bottom middle teeth. My bottom arch was perfectly straight anyway, but you can't get Invisalign for just 1 arch. "Don't fix what ain't broke..."

Dr. put a bonded permanent retainer top AND bottom (top to hold new rotations, bottom to stabilize the teeth affected by gum recession, to prevent further recession).

HOWEVER, I did my overcorrection trays (I don't think I was supposed to do this, but his office carelessly gave them to me to finish). They put the bonded retainers on, in my just-finished-overcorrection state. They are ordering me a permanent Vivera retainer for my optimal position state, NOT the overcorrection position.

I have some questions the Dr. prly won't answer. The Dr. doesn't seem very conscientous, and these questions are kinda controversial:

1) do bonded retainers allow teeth to move slightly, like relax back from overcorrection a bit to the optimal position? My teeth are currently bonded-retained in the overcorrected state.
2) will I have problems wearing a non-overcorrected retainer at night, while my overcorrected permanent bonded retainer fights it during the day, creating "back-and-forth" movement of my teeth?
3) if I *DON'T WEAR A NIGHT-TIME RETAINER AT ALL*, my bonded teeth won't move (much), and the rest didn't move much anyway, so I could probably get away with it, right?

This has been really stressing me out, appreciate all your insight!

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Re: HELP! Just finished... not wearing night-time retainer?

#2 Post by thatchick » Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:40 am

Hi AOEE! When I got my braces off when I was a teenager I had a Hawley retainer for my upper and a bonded retainer on my lower. My lower teeth never shifted with only the support of the bonded retainer until my permanent retainer popped off one day. My brother has had his permanent retainer for over ten years now he has no other retainer and his bottom teeth are still straight.

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