HELP! Been to 4 consultations, not sure what to do!

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HELP! Been to 4 consultations, not sure what to do!

#1 Post by rberend »

Hello all! I just found this forum last night and I'm SO thankful - it's been a big help to me!

I had the clear braces put on when I was 25..... I had them for almost a year and things were progressing nicely until I moved out of state and did not bother to find a new ortho. I was getting married and didn't want them on for the wedding so I ended up taking them off myself. My teeth looked great, but they quickly shifted back to their normal position.

So now I'm back to square one and trying to figure out what is best. I've been to a few consults and been told something different everytime - Here are my experiences, in order:

1) Was told I needed braces (real braces only) or all my bottom teeth would cave in.

2) Was told he could fix my problems with an expander only - to widen my upper and lower jaw, as well as move my jaw forward. He said perhaps I might need a couple brackets on afterwards but that the expander would do most of the job.

3) He could treat me with Invisalign but I'd need to have all my wisdom teeth removed (no other ortho had mentioned this, not even the one who put my braces on originally). If I didn't have them removed, my teeth would be too crowded and I'd end up with an overbite (I already have a slight one)

4) He wasn't crazy about the results of Invisalign or linguals - recommended true braces and told me expanders do not work on adults.

I am so confused. I have no idea what to think or what to do! Ideally I want something unobtrusive but I will go with the clear braces if I have to.

My wisdom teeth are impacted - do I need to have them removed? I've been avoiding that like the plague for the past 10 years!

I was actually hoping to get the palatal expander to widen my smile but I'm confused as to why I'm getting 2 different stories on this.

Any advice, help and experience would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

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#2 Post by Invisaguy »

You took the braces out on your own?!?! That must have been fun. :? Did you make your own retainer out of the parts?

All kidding aside, I can try and answer some of your question based on my long drawn out experience with my "teef" and going to the dentist!
If your wisdom teeth are impacted I know it can lead to crowding (exerting force on your arch) and I also am aware of them leading to sinus issues (blocking of the sinus cavity?). I never needed them removed and I am using invisalign..however I did hear that it really is not as bad getting them removed as most people try and make it out to be. It sounds to me like you need to talk to some friends and coworkers and try to find a reputable dentist (ortho) in your area and go for a full consultation. If worst comes to worst you will have your wisdom teeth extracted and will have to wear braces for a year or so which is really not much different than most people on here went through. If you are still interested in invisalign go to their website and find the doc with most experience in your area...get a consult. And remember if you get traditional braces this time around make sure you don't take them out and get (and always wear) a retainer!

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#3 Post by rberend »

Thank you! Yes, I still kick myself on a daily basis for taking them off! I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree at times. :wink:

I've made an appt for yet another consultation. This is with a premier provider for Invisalign so hopefully I'll have some better luck. She spent a good half hour with me on the phone discussing my issues so I feel confident already.

Still not looking forward to having those wisdom teeth out though. EEK! But at this point, I agree with you and think it's important. Plus, I'll do anything to have pretty teeth. :D

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Getting your wisdom teeth out is not that bad. It sucks for a day or two like any other surgery would, but since its in your mouth, and your mouth heals faster than other parts of your body, you get over it fast. My best suggestion for getting them removed: insist on general anesthesia (unless you're alergic or have had bad experiences with it). I had mine removed under general anesthesia (as in you are out with no recollection of the surgery) and recovered within two days to about 75% and within a week and a half to 100%. They give you pain meds so you never hurt, but they do make you pretty loopy.

My boyfriend had his wisdom teeth removed under valium and gas. The gas didn't work well to numb him, and he remembered getting one of his teeth yanked out and how much blood there was. He also had much more soreness (probably from straining during the surgery) and pain than I did. He also got dry socket (not a result of the gas, just bad luck on his part) and it took him almost two weeks to recover to 75%.

Everyone has a different experience, but I highly recommend general anesthesia. And getting them taken out might help if you get chronic headaches or jaw pain.
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