Help I really need advice

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Help I really need advice

#1 Post by JillianElizabeth »

OK I really do not know what to do. I went for 2 consults with 2 different Orthodontists. Both agree that Invisalign is best for me because of poor enamel development. But One (keep in mind she has only been an ortho for 4 years) says she cannot fix my bite ANY better than 50% tops..because I am fully grown and adults jaws do not move with rubber bands..She also says it will take 22-24 months for treatment and my teeth probably won't actually be straight in the end. BUT her practice partner has been a premier provider for YEARS she speaks internationally about it and what not..but anyway the OTHER ortho I went (different practice) He is a premier provider. He says he CAN fix my bite, and CAN make my teeth straight and will only take 16 months tops. (he also guarantees that if invisalign doesn't work he will put braces on at no cost to me)

My question is this. Was the first ortho just young and inexperienced HOW would you ask to get a 2nd consult with her partner without being rude? I feel rude calling and saying "I don't trust her opinion can I please have a consultation with the Doctor who has been doing this for years) I am very conflicted. I honestly want a 3rd opinion because I want to know for real can my teeth be fixed and what not. I just don't know how to go about asking for a 2nd opinion in the same practice.. =\ please any advice would be more than welcome!!

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Re: Help I really need advice

#2 Post by mlblair502 »

Invisalign is a HUGE investment in time and money, so please don't feel shy or embarrassed about asking for more than one opinion. I have to wonder if the more experienced ortho at the same practice would consult with her partner, so I am not sure how affective that would be. If it makes you feel better, contact a third ortho and get another consult and then compare them. It's a huge investment (but worth it) so I would do what is comfortable for you to ensure that you are well informed and are ok with the treatment being offered. The fact that the second ortho backs up his consult with the promise of conventional braces at no additional charge if he can't deliver the results you are looking for is an extra plus on the "pro" side of his list! :D

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Re: Help I really need advice

#3 Post by pearlies »

Do more consultations and be open to hearing whether the orthodontist thinks trad braces might work out better.

I know how it feels to want InvisAlign no matter what but there's nothing worse than doing 1+ year of InvisAlign and come out the other end with a less than desirable results <-----that was me, and I'm having to go into trad braces now. I thought it was cumulative, that I could be finished off in trad braces if InvisAlign didn't take me to the finish line. Wrong! I have a full 1+ year ahead in trad braces to fix the bite.

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