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Thinking of re-brace my teeth with extration

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:56 am
by single&braces
Hello there

I have previously wore braces for 2 years about 2 years ago. At the point of time I insist of not extracting teeth and opt for IPR. Although my bites are fine and teeth are aligned, but I regret of not having teeth extracted as both my upper and lower is still a case 2 of protrusion and seems a little toothy.

I wonder given the good alignment of my teeth now, wonder how long it takes for invasalign or clear aligner to close the gap if i were to extract 4 teeth now?

thank you all in advance!

Re: Thinking of re-brace my teeth with extration

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:47 pm
by sweetcynic
Extraction gaps take a long time to close.... I had 2 upper premolar extractions, and my upper trays are going to take about a year and 8 months, which is twice as long as my lowers, and I still may need a few months of braces at the end. The gaps that extractions leave are huge - Necessary in my case, but still huge.

Re: Thinking of re-brace my teeth with extration

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:02 pm
by hotsteve
Hey! :)

I think usually with invisalign, extractions aren't necessary, unless there is severe overcrowding. So I imagine that because you have had IPR before, any extractions (and 4 at that!!) may be a bit excessive? I don't know really, but I guess if you only need a couple of millimetres extra space, then remove 1+ tooth would be unnecessary.

Its something only your ortho/dentist would know really... I mean, maybe you will not even need more IPR or extractions, you may just need a few more months in braces.

If you speak with your dentist let us know how you get on!:)