Midcourse vs refinement

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Midcourse vs refinement

#1 Post by turbocycle »

I had an interesting situation that I wanted to share...

My original treatment plan was done using impressions (11U/13L)
After 10U/10L, I had a midcourse scan using the optical scanner and I was prescribed two more trays on the lower and no more on the upper.
After that, I had another scan done for refinement, and now require an addition 9U/9L.

Why didn't the midcourse correction indicate the need for more aligners on the upper, and only 2 more on the lower initially, but 9 more at refinement.

My guess is that midcourse correction only compares the current position of the teeth against the original treatment plan -- it doesn't attempt to figure out any further movements that may be necessary. Is that how this works?

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Re: Midcourse vs refinement

#2 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Sounds like you are being treated by a doctor using Invisalign Assist. Assist is a program used to help doctors who are relatively new to using Invisalign. The doctor is required to send in an impression/scan every 10th aligner before the rest of the trays can progress. Therefore, you were actually not getting mid-course correction, but a progress scan before the additional aligners from the first sets could be released.

Furthermore, it is not up to Invisalign to identify what needs to be done. It is up to the doctor to determine whether aligners are tracking well and when/whether refinement is required. Remember that your treatment is based upon your doctor's work, rather than the technicians at Align.
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Re: Midcourse vs refinement

#3 Post by IdaBu »

Good evening, I have a severe overjet (10 mm) and this was my main reason to do Invisalign. It is my priority to fix the top. Now I am on tray 18 and my ortho said there's an tracking issue on 2 of my bottom teeth. But - she gave me next trays to 27. From 24, I will have passive aligners on the bottom and continue with the top. Is it possible to correct my 2 bottom teeth when my top will be finished? After refinements? I worry bc ortho said if it won't working she will make me change biweekly instead of weekly. But at the top I'm tracking great and can't wait to have that overjet killed already (I have 67 trays in first round!). Thanks for opinion. :)

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