Wha is a "virtual C chain"?

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Wha is a "virtual C chain"?

#1 Post by turbocycle »

I'm almost completed with my treatment, but I have a bit of a gap between two teeth where IPR has been done throughout my treatment.

My dentist said i may need a "virtual c chain" to correct the gap.

What is that?


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Re: Wha is a "virtual C chain"?

#2 Post by DrJasonKTam »

It's a complicated way of saying aligners that will help close your spaces like a power chain would with braces. Sometimes these are done in overcorrection aligners that are preplanned. Other times, it may need to be done with refinement.
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Re: Wha is a "virtual C chain"?

#3 Post by ohioinvisguy »

I believe this is what I had at the very end of my treatment with invisalign. My ortho removed a section of my last few aligners starting with my premolars and ending with my second molar. This closed up my spaces perfectly! Hopefully you will get great results too!
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