dry mouth with Invisalign

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dry mouth with Invisalign

#1 Post by sandranp »

I am on my 4th set of trays and still have the worst dry mouth!!! I asked my Orthodontist who said he had NEVER heard of it as did the dental assistant. After Googling this topic, I found LOTS of people with the same problem which makes me feel better. I take the opt set out ( it is the lower teeth that need correcting) and my mouth almost immediately gets more hydrated. The posts which state dry mouth may be a medical condition does not apply to me. I will also try using the Efferdent, denture cleaner, daily as opposed to weekly to keep trays clean and hopefully less dry mouth. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I doubt this problem will go away after 7 weeks of wearing them.

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Re: dry mouth with Invisalign

#2 Post by Greenman »

This might sound crazy...but have you tried lip balm? I started using it for dry lips with Invisalign as I was always licking my lips. Guess what...lips are no longer dry, and neither is my mouth. Might be worth a try.
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Re: dry mouth with Invisalign

#3 Post by xtina81 »

My dry mouth has gotten better after 4 trays but still noticeable... it never hurts to drink more water :)

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Re: dry mouth with Invisalign

#4 Post by xkiwitatty »

My first trays cause my mouth and lips to be super dry!!! I used chap stick for my lips and just started drinking a ton of water to keep my mouth lubricated. Luckily I didn't have to deal with that tray too long because I had extractions so I kept them off for a while.

Weirdly, with the second trays I don't have that dry mouth feeling anymore! I still get the dry lips and have to use chapstick but I don't find myself drinking a ton of water anymore. Maybe it's because I got attachments on and it's been holding the aligners close to my teeth to prevent the saliva from getting inside the tray? Wild guess.

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Re: dry mouth with Invisalign

#5 Post by lilyflower »

I wonder if it's safe to use biotene mouth spray with these. I was advised to use it by my dentist for general dry mouth due to meds but this was prior to the invisalign going on this morning which at the moment is actually making me drool a little.

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