Invisalign questions/issues

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Invisalign questions/issues

#1 Post by BigDog3030 »

Ok....week two of Aligner 1, and here are my thoughts.
Nobody can tell that i have them in which is why i got them. I have a pretty visible job, and at my age (35) im still relatively young for my position, so I needed something inconspicious.

Havent had too much pain, i feel a little pain when i take them out, which makes a little sense. As for taking them out and putting them in, Ive had no problem with this. The inside of my mouth was a bit raw for the first couple of days, but is fine now. I do experience the CONSTANT dry mouth, but am drinking water all the time. It is annoying, hopefully my mouth will get used to it.

Now here is where I have questions and concerns. My biggest is this...please tell me if anyone has experienced this....when I have them in, i get sort of a throat irritation, almost like a sore throat. Im always clearing my throat. I really find it uncomfortable. It immediately goes away when I take them out. Im assuming it is because of the kind of plastic used, but it is really bothering me.

If any dentists read this...please respond!!!!

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#2 Post by drrick »

could be from a combo of extra saliva and mouth breathing.

It will prob get better
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#3 Post by rooroo »

Yeah, I was going to say that usually you produce extra saliva when you first get them. Which would cause you to clear your throat a bunch, and make it a bit sore. Keep on drinking water and you'll get used to them being in your mouth.
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