Invisalign ruined my bite...I don't understand what happened

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Invisalign ruined my bite...I don't understand what happened

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Since I had Invisalign my bite has gotten worse. I can't even kiss anymore. My top and bottom teeth meet close together and my tongue doesn't have any space to get through to kiss. How can space be created in my mouth so I'm able to kiss again? Will intruding the teeth help? My bottom teeth feel too tall in my mouth.

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Re: Invisalign ruined my bite...I don't understand what happ

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Hey there
There was a recent post where another user complained about problems with their bite with some advice: ... 19&t=42107

May I ask, when you say "since you had invisalign", have you now finished treatment? Or are you still wearing them? I am absolutely not an expert, but the reason I ask is because:

1) If you are still going through treatment - I imagine your bite is going to be changing all the time throughout the course of treatment. But, if it gets this bad, then definitely have a chat with your Ortho who I am sure will be able to reassure you.

2) If you have finished treatment - are you now wearing retainers? Ultimately, As long as you are wearing your retainers daily, your teeth should not really be much different from your last set of Invisalign retainers. If that is not the case, then you should check with your dentist that your retainers are fixed on properly, and have not warped/mishapen over time.

Good luck!

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Re: Invisalign ruined my bite...I don't understand what happ

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Is an orthodontist or a general dentist doing your treatment?
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Re: Invisalign ruined my bite...I don't understand what happ

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OP...any update?
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Re: Invisalign ruined my bite...I don't understand what happ

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I think someone is trying to troll here... :paperbag:

That said, I would advise EVERYONE getting theirs done, to see a REAL orthodontist and NOT just trust a dentist who's taken a 14 day course in Invisalign to correct your teeth.

Some really bad things can go wrong if you are not using an experienced orthodontist!

I did some serious bid rounds before I started my treatment and I got so much wiser and extremely different advise from dentists and I did see at least 2 dentists that either did not advise me properly and one even suggested the WRONG treatment because I guess he just wanted the $$$.

Also, I think we should have some sticky threads in here, to let people know exactly what the different treatments can and cannot do. Because I am reading alot of stories where people just get the wrong treatments either due to inexperience or even borderline malpractice.

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Re: Invisalign ruined my bite...I don't understand what happ

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Despite what you may read on the internet or what you may even be told by a dental professional, not every patient can be treated effectively with Invisalign. There is a plethora of mis-information and dis-information on the internet that can be dangerous for patients seeking information about Invisalign.

The goal of orthodontic treatment should not only be the alignment of the teeth, but correction of the bite, and Invisalign cannot always achieve these goals and traditional braces may be necessary. To determine if you are truly a candidate for Invisalign, you can contact our orthodontic office for a complimentary consultation. Orthodontic treatment should not be like shopping for toys or clothes. You should trust your smile and bite only to a certified orthodontist who has an additional three years of training following dental school and who knows how to effectively move teeth with controlled forces in three dimensions. Invisalign offers weekend courses to dentists who are then able to use the system and who do not understand the intricacies and true nature of tooth movement. You wouldn't trust your family doctor to do heart surgery, you should trust your smile, alignment of your teeth and bite only to a certified orthodontist.

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