gum irritation...normal?

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gum irritation...normal?

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How much gum irritation is normal with Invisalign? I am on my first aligner and the I definitely have some obvious irritation. I had no problems with my gums before (some mild recession on molars from scrubbing too hard years ago). After about a week with Invisalign I have irritated gums at the front and they just look red and sore. I'm worried that this isn't normal but perhaps it is and just has to do with those teeth moving (the gums loosening up or something?).

I am brushing and flossing after every meal and snack. This means brushing and flossing about 5 times a day. Could overkill be the cause of it? I have never flossed so much in my life! That said, I had blood on my floss this morning. I also have a couple of canker sores which I virtually never get.

I was at the dentist only a few weeks ago (just before invisalign) and my gums were in good shape and I was complimented on my cleaning. Can this just be an adjustment to the aligners?

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Re: gum irritation...normal?

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I am guessing its normal, although havent seen that many complaints from people about it to be honest.

If they are noticably red, then just give your Ortho a call, always the best solution! Maybe a mild allergic reaction to the plastic, or bottom of the retainers rubbing against the gumline? If so, people often rub dental wax into problem areas which can relieve irritation.

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