can't shake this feeling.

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can't shake this feeling.

#1 Post by whiteswan »

I've only had my aligners for a couple of days now but I'm having trouble adjusting to them. They are not painful but the feeling that I have something stuck on/in my teeth drives me absolutely snakey! I feel like I have just come from eating a big steak and need to floss but can't. I find myself constantly clenching my jaw in reaction which is giving me a jaw ache and my molars are hurting even though they aren't being moved. If I take one tray out and leave the other in then I feel fine...I can handle that. It doesn't matter which tray is out, I feel instant relief if one of them is removed. Both jaws are getting treatment though so I can't do that for more than a few minutes. I NEED relief! It is making me quite agitated.

How long does it take to get used to this feeling of something constantly in your mouth? Can chewing on ice help or will that break the trays? Biting on my chewies doesn't help but maybe if they were cold?

Has anyone else felt this way?

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Re: can't shake this feeling.

#2 Post by Farrah »

Yes!! The first week was tough. My jaw ached, I had headache, felt generally tense and I wondered 'what was I thinking!!'. The second week was much better. Then on the second trays, I also had a tough week but not as bad as the first week and on the third set of trays it was only mildly uncomfortable for a few days. I'm sure it will get better for you. Perhaps take some analgesia and/or have a chat to your doctor. PS: I also felt better after removing the trays to floss and brush, then putting them straight back. Best of luck to you.

Farrah (week 5 and 8 months to go)

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Re: can't shake this feeling.

#3 Post by BlaqueCat »

I'm on my 6th week. For the first couple of days it felt sooo weird! Like I was wearing dentures or something. :P I didn't have any pain associated with them, just felt uncomfortable. By the second week I got used to it though. So used to it in fact that it felt weird when I DIDN'T have them in my mouth.

I got my attachments/buttons on last week, and putting the Invisaligns on with them attached to my teeth was torture for the first day... Much more used to it now.

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