New guy to Invisalign

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New guy to Invisalign

#1 Post by turbocycle »

Hi everyone,

I'm a guy who's just starting on my Invisalign program -- just finished day 1. Teeth are a bit sore, but tolerable. I sure enjoyed removing the aligners for dinner tonight!

One question that I've wondered about -- do any of the guys have suggestions for carrying the necessary cleaning supplies when dining out? Do you schlep the the toothpaste, brush, floss, rinse, and carrying case with you to a restaurant, or do you wait until you return home / work?

I'm beginning to think I may need a murse (man purse) to carry all of this stuff! :lol:

Thanks bbsadmin for a great site, and I look forward to contributing my $.02 here!

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Re: New guy to Invisalign

#2 Post by Jane16 »

I take my little travel kit everywhere (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss) rather than waiting till I get home, it's easier to have them with me so I don't worry about leaving them out too long. Can see that it might be more difficult for a bloke though, maybe you should have a look around for a travel size toothbrush or some sort of pre-packaged kit that you could put in your jacket or whatever when you go out.

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Re: New guy to Invisalign

#3 Post by ohioinvisguy »

When I first began invisalign I carried around disposable toothbrushes that already had toothpaste on them and brushed after each meal - dining in or out. But after a few months I just started putting back in my aligners and brushing when I got home from eating out. I tried to at least rinse my mouth with water to clear any large food particles from my teeth before reinserting the aligners however. I did this practice for over two years and no cavities. I'll also admit to going to bed a few times wearing the aligners without brushing. Bad I know, but sometimes I was lazy :( Hope this helps.
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