Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

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Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

#1 Post by Advocate »

Maybe I'm just being cheap, but I wonder if the $75 cleaning system is worth it? Brushing sort of keeps the aligners from getting completely gross, and I replace them every two weeks anyway. Any thoughts?

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Re: Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

#2 Post by kcj »

I use a toothbrush and regular soap to clean mine for the most part. Every other day they get a bath in warm water and a denture cleaning tablet. IMO that works fine and there is no need for an expensive cleaning system.

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Re: Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

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I've been using a SonicBrite system which is considerably cheaper than Invisaligns and does a really good job, expecially when used with a soft child's toothbrush. The system breaks up deposits and converts them into a residue that is easily brushed off with a soft toothbrush.

Regular toothpaste and brushing will dull aligners, which is fine if you don't want the regular Invisalign finish. A friend who is a dental tech deliberately brushed hers with toothpaste to give them less of a gloss.

If you have to wear aligners for more than two weeks (I had to wear an upper for 20 weeks while my lowers caught up) you may find it difficult to keep your aligners reasonably clean.

I presently have Essix retainers that I'll have to wear full time for several more months. I use toothpaste and a brush some days and use the SonicBrite periodically to do a throrough cleaning.

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Re: Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

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I bought a six month supply of Retainer Brite when I first started wearing aligners. I noticed that I still had to use a toothbrush to get the aligners 100% clean and free of build up (even in combination with a sonic cleaner). I have since stopped using the cleaning system and instead just use toothpaste and a electric toothbrush. This combo has not altered the finish of my aligners at all - they are still as glossy at the end of the two weeks as they were on day one. This is after brushing them twice daily for two weeks. I use Sensodyne ISO Active toothpaste with a Sonicare toothbrush. This combo proves to be safe for the aligner finish. I hope this helps!
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Re: Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

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Basically, it's overpriced and not worth the extra money.

You could use RetainerBrite, SonicBrite, DentaSoak, or Cleanse Freshen Go on your aligners. These products will clean your aligners well and are a lot less expensive. Make sure you clean your aligners every single day or you will get white plaque buildup that will be very difficult to remove.
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Re: Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

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There are several cleaning systems out there. They don't have to be costly. You actually just need an ultrasonic cleaner, like one that would clean jewelry. I actually only use the ultrasonic once every month or so and have kept my aligners clean just using a brush and water.

Here is a pic I took on the weekend after changing my Vivera retainer. You can see the comparison from one year vs one night. They obviously don't look as clear, but they are pretty clean!

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Re: Is the expensive cleaning system worth it?

#7 Post by cuteirka »

I had the sonic brite system and enver even used it except twice. Just get the retainer brite tablets, they clean so well you really do not need anything else!

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